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Monday, February 9, 2009

Change period for download limit

Now you can change period for download limit. Since born of remository version 3.42, Now Remository allows you to specify the maximum number of downloads for a registered user and the maximum number for a visitor (determined by IP address). component can be downloaded at http://www.remository.com. The limit is per 24 hour period.

Such as i was said. Now You can change the period of download by editing the file on components/com_remository/p-classes/remositoryFile.php at lines 464 for visitors and 473 for registered users. Within these two lines, you will find the expression "SUBDATE(NOW(), INTERVAL 24 HOUR)". You can change HOUR to DAY or WEEK or MONTH, and you can change the number. The result is pretty obvious - if you change to "SUBDATE(NOW(), INTERVAL 5 DAY)" then the number of downloads will be restricted over a period of 5 days. Don't code the quotes, they are just for clarity!

the sources are from http://remository.com/rem/view/FAQ/Remository-general/Change-period-for-download-limits/ and for more detail you can visit at Remository site.

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