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Saturday, February 21, 2009

E-Whoring – Pride or Cash


An E-Whore is somebody that pretends to be an online model / cam girl to earn commission for signups on affiliate cam sites. E-Whoring is probably one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money online. You will not be earning a fort une from E-Whoring but you can quite easily earn $100-$200 for 2-3 hours work so this method is worth mentioning.

Webcam Affiliate Sites

The highest paying webcam affiliate site is webcams.com. This site pays you $25 for each free signup that you get to their site. They also pay on a revenue share basis and pay per sale but I highly recommend signing up to the pay per free signup option as this has the best conversion rates and you will be earning more from the program this way.
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How To E-Whore

The most used method of E-Whoring is by signing up to a chat room and then either adding lads email addresses as they talk about them or spamming your own email address in the chat room.
Make sure you make up an email like hornysexgirl@hotmail.com and tell the lads you are female, this has the best results when E-Whoring.

Even better than manually spamming or adding a lot of c hat rooms allow you to have an away message or an autoresponder. Simply put into the autoresponder that you are currently away
from the chat room but to add your MSN.

Once you have had someone add you on MSN now is the point to get chatting to them. Tell them that you are horny etc and then when they ask for a pic say that you have only got a cam but c an’t use it on MSN at the same time as the site you are already on. They will then ask which site you are showing your cam on so send them your affiliate link. When they sign up fora free membership to c ams.com which they will as the free video only last 40 seconds you will earn yourself $25 so delete that persons MSN and move onto the next one. It’s that easy!
Click here to see an example of a cams.com affiliate landing page

Methods of Getting MSN Adds

I have told you the method of getting people to add you via a chat room message / autoresponder to here are a few other methods of getting people to add you on MSN: Create a YouTube video of a girl danc ing and have your addy in the more info box. Social Networking Sites – Add your profile pics (Google for some pics of girls) and then make your profile public and add your MSN address into your profile. A great tool for Facebook is the FFB ( Facebook Friend Bomber ). What this tool does is add thousands of people as friends so they will see your profile and add your MSN! Fling – Adult Soc ial Networking.

This site has great results as this is direct market. Simply sign up, add a few pics and a short desc ription about yourse lf, say to add your MSN to chat and you should have a few hundred signups over the next week!

Advanced E-Whoring – Automation
This script was not made by us, we do not offer support on the following item, and this guide has be en copied from another source.
This is an add-on for MSN Plus. You c an set auto-replies using this add-on. You can read the forum help and installation instructions here:
http://www.msghelp.net/showthread.php?tid=6 4534&page=1

Install File :
You will need MSN Plus to use this attachment. You can download the latest version here:
You would then make up your own replies, we will not give you any examples as a lot of people.
E-Whore in the same place and the chat rooms will soon catch on and ban us all if we use exactly the same affiliate sites and auto-responders!
Ok, one example: Receive: “a cam?” – Response: “I can’t use it at the same time as I’m on another site with it, you can check me out here: Affiliate Link”.


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