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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beautiful Joomla Admin Template - Simpla

jb simplaJB Simpla takes the Joomla administrator area to the next level. Its a slick, intuitive and fast loading interface that is easy to use and visually appealing which makes navigating your Joomla site a real joy. Let this amazing Joomla administrator template change the way that you interact with your favourite content management system.

Template Feature Overview

Slick and intuitive
The first thing you will notice about the Simpla admin theme is the use of the sidebar accordion menu used in addition to the traditional top suckerfish Joomla menu. The accordion menu is a beautiful sliding menu that opens and closes, hilites the active menu state and delivers a more user friendly menu system to the Joomla admin.

Now you see it now you dont ...
Because the sidebar accordion menu changes the basic layout of the Joomla admin there are some cases where displaying the menu is not such a good idea. So you get full control over when the menu appears. You can set it to auto hide, toggle it on or off or let Joomla hide it as it would any time the top menu is disabled - especially while editing content items or module parameters.

Ten color schemes to choose from ...
There are ten color schemes to choose from via the template's parameters in the Joomla admin. You can mix and match the ten color choices and control the color used in the left and top menu positions according to your taste.

Lightweight and fast loading
One thing you will notice about the Simpla template is that its incredibly fast loading. We whittled its overall size down as much as possible to provide a lightweight admin theme that wont slow down your production time.

Compatible components
We have checked the Simpla theme across some of the most popular Joomla components used today to make sure that the component displays the way you are used to and in some cases displays even better. Check the documentation for components that we tested and tweaked to work with Simple.

Live Demo(Use the username: admin and password: admin)

Download JB Simpla - Administrator


source : boygj.com

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

85 Joomla Components

cool Joomla Components

Are you need component that would use in joomla?
Below the list of 85 Component :
COM - Fireboard v1.0 (GNU)
COM - FrontPage SlideShow v1.1
COM - iJoomla Magazine v1.1.2
COM - iJoomla Magazine v2.0
COM - iJoomla Magazine v2.1.0
COM - Instant Search v1.6 (D4J)
COM - Invite v1.2.0
COM - JA Shopping II
COM - JMovies v1.2.RC1
COM - Jomcomment v1.4.3 (Azrul).zip
COM - Jomcomment v1.5.1 (Azrul)
COM - Jomcomment v1.6.6 (Azrul)
COM - Jomcomment v1.7.2 (Azrul)
COM - Jomcomment v1.8.55 (Azrul)
COM - Jomres v1.4h
COM - Jomres.v1.4h
COM - 1-2-3 FormBuilder
COM - Acajoom Pro v1.2.9
COM - AjaxChat v1.0.1 Beta
COM - Ajaxfly v1.1
COM - astatsPRO 1.0 (GNU)
COM - Autoexp v1.3a
COM - AutoStand Pro v3.0
COM - ClexusPM v2.0.1
COM - ComboMAX v3.4.0 (Phil Taylor)
COM - D4M Ezine Component v2.2
COM - EZ Autos v3.2.0
COM - EZRealty v4.2.3
COM - Jomres.v1.4h
COM - Joomla Affiliate v1.0.1 nosoap (Moresmart)
COM - Joomla Casino v1.0 (Oddish)
COM - Joomla Cloner v1.5.1 [Joomla Tools]
COM - Joomla Tags v0.6 (Phil-Taylor)
COM - jReviews v1.1.1 beta
COM - jReviews v1.2.RC1
COM - Mambo Mail Pro v2.0
COM - MosDirectory v2.2.9 (Phil Taylor)
COM - MosDirectory v2.3.1 (Phil Taylor)
COM - MosDirectory v2.3.2 (Phil Taylor)
COM - Mosets Hot Property v0.97
COM - Mosets Hot Property v0.98
COM - Mosets Tree v1.5.5 (incl.all.modules)
COM - Mosets Tree v1.5.9 (incl.all.modules)
COM - mosGuestBook v2.0
COM - mosIPN v2.5.1 (Phil Taylor)
COM - mosKnowledgebase v0.6 (Phil Taylor)
COM - mosKnowledgebase v1.0.5 (Phil Taylor)
COM - mosListMessenger v2.0.6 (Phil Taylor)
COM - mosLock v2.8 (Phil Taylor)
COM - mosLock v2.9 (Phil Taylor)
COM - mosLock v3.1.1 (Phil Taylor)
COM - MosMedia v1.08 (AG Solution)
COM - Mosmedia v1.08
COM - Multisites Site Manager Pro v1.0.3 (earningforce )
COM - MyPMS Pro v1.23
COM - News Portal v 0.0.03 (iJoomla)
COM - News portal v0.008 (iJoomla)
COM - Opensef v2.0.0-RC5_SP2.zip
COM - PDF Index v2.2
COM - Pdfindexer v1.4 (Phil Taylor)
COM - Phil-a-form v1.2.00 (Phil Taylor)
COM - Phil-a-form v1.3.1 (Phil Taylor)
COM - Phil-a-form v1.6.00 (Phil Taylor)
COM - PHPList Bridge v1.0
COM - SEF Advance v4.2.2 (sakic)
COM - SideBars v1.0 (iJoomla)
COM - SWmenu Pro v.4.4
COM - swMenuPro v4.4
COM - SynchronizeUsers v1.1 (elearningforce)
COM - User Sync v1.0 (D4J)
COM - Xe-Gallery Pro v1
COM - Xe-Musicgal v1
COM - Xe-Shoutbox v1
COM - Xe-Slidegal v1
COM - Xe-Videogalx v1
COM - Xe-VidMambot v1
COM - Xe-Vidmegahd v1
ebook Joomla - Building Websites With Joomla (Packt 2006)
MOD - Google Translator Pro 0.3
MOD - mosGuestBook v2.0 (Phil Taylor)
MOD - XE-Ipod-Nano Pro v1 (MP3 Player)
Plug - WysiwygPro Mambot v.
Script - Phplist v2.11.3
Tools - JPromoter v1.0.9
Tools - JRE Cache v1.0 (Joomlatwork)
Tools - JRE Cache v1.0a (Joomlatwork)
Tools - PU Database Admin v1.0
Tools - Sefpatch v2.0_1.012 (Joomlatwork)

Download Link :

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Enabling. Htaccess in Apache (XAMPP) on Windows

It's been long enough I do not contribute and share information with this beloved community. Today I will try to share a bit of experience to friends who might be there who do not know.
In general, the use of. Htaccess on the server hosting that we use is not a problem, most "stuck" we call the server provider. But what about the localhost .....? frequent errors by ..... ? nah for which is still often an error, I will try to avoid errors tricks again. (But for the record, this trick is only tested on XAMPP.)

The cause of this case is the default XAMPP or Apache Web Server is similar to the XAMPP on Windows does not enable mod_rewrite. This causes Apache will ignore the file. Htaccess files.

The solution is not difficult, just open a file called httpd.conf and can find it in the directory \xampp\apache\conf. Then please find the following line of code like this:

# LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so

After finding the code, you must remove the # from the line to enable mod_rewrite, so as shown below:
Rewrite_module LoadModule modules/mod_rewrite.so

The last step is do not forget to save the alias "save" these changes and would also have to "restart" XAMPP server.

And after that, you can enjoy the results, one of them is to use "SEO setting" is full of sites on the localhost or used for intranet. Good luck..

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thanks You All

Thanks for all people who have came to our gathering "JogloSemar Gath" Tantra.
for Doorprize you can call lodong_1.

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Joomla Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Joomla 1.5.12 [Wojmamni Ama Woi]. This release contains a number of bug fixes and three moderate-level security fixes. It has been less than a month since Joomla 1.5.11 was released on June 3, 2009.

This release marks an important milestone for the Joomla Project due to the upgrade of the PEAR library to the new BSD licensed version, which brings the codebase into full compliance with the GPL. In addition, this release contains an important upgrade to TinyMCE v

The Production Working Group's goal is to continue to provide regular, frequent updates to the Joomla community.

This article directly get from joomla.org..

I still waiting for joomla Wojmamni Ama Woi too.

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