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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Enabling. Htaccess in Apache (XAMPP) on Windows

It's been long enough I do not contribute and share information with this beloved community. Today I will try to share a bit of experience to friends who might be there who do not know.
In general, the use of. Htaccess on the server hosting that we use is not a problem, most "stuck" we call the server provider. But what about the localhost .....? frequent errors by ..... ? nah for which is still often an error, I will try to avoid errors tricks again. (But for the record, this trick is only tested on XAMPP.)

The cause of this case is the default XAMPP or Apache Web Server is similar to the XAMPP on Windows does not enable mod_rewrite. This causes Apache will ignore the file. Htaccess files.

The solution is not difficult, just open a file called httpd.conf and can find it in the directory \xampp\apache\conf. Then please find the following line of code like this:

# LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so

After finding the code, you must remove the # from the line to enable mod_rewrite, so as shown below:
Rewrite_module LoadModule modules/mod_rewrite.so

The last step is do not forget to save the alias "save" these changes and would also have to "restart" XAMPP server.

And after that, you can enjoy the results, one of them is to use "SEO setting" is full of sites on the localhost or used for intranet. Good luck..


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