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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Search Engine Optimisation

This is time you can get download of superb Search Engine Optimisation technology for free to complement Remository 3.20! Produce highly readable URLs for browsing around the file repository. Give the impression that the repository is a structured set of directories. Show files by their titles.

ReMOSef also has the ability to provide Search Engine Optimised URLs for ordinary Mambo / Joomla content. See it working for yourself at the Remository web site.

Available in two alternative packages. There is the Remository plug-in that you can use if you want to work with SEF Advance. It is a sef_ext.php file that conforms to the SEF Advance interface to provide neat URLs for Remository. For this, please download the ReMOSef plug-in.

Or, if your site is weighted towards the file repository, you can have the complete ReMOSef component. It provides all the functions of the standard Mambo SEF and has Remository URL optimisation integrated. In addition, it supports the use of sef_ext.php files for other components. Even if you don't have those, you can nominate user-friendly names for components, and RemoSEF will carry out the translations.

You can see for yourself the results produced by ReMOSef - it is running at remository.com. It will work with any Remository 3.x version from 3.20 onwards. Version 3.40 is already under development, with an early version running here. You can see that 3.40 will offer more dynamic browser title bars. Version 3.40 will also allow you to optionally specify individually for folder and files the keywords you want to use, and to override the default window titling with an exact title of your own choice.

More ideas on techniques for Search Engine Optimisation, why not look through the 75 page guide provided by Wordtracker? (it FREE) Just click on the link below to find out all about it.


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