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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How to Install Joomla!

read step by step if you still newbie :
Here we use Joomla_1.0.12-Stable-Full_Package.zip

  1. Put Joomla_1.0.12-Stable-Full_Package.zip below www/ your SITENAME
  2. Click "Extract" to extract .zip file above
  3. Click button "Submit"
  4. Click "Return"
  5. Please access your SITENAME. http://YOURSITE

--- pre-installation check ---

  • Be sure all options sign green (Recomended) / writeable. If "Unwriteable", please go to cpanel. Click "Subdomain Manager" - "Perfs" - choose "user" for choice.
  • Running Script CGI or PHP as... Script CGI/PHP can be run as user account your self or as special user (cgi-USER).
  • be sure Register Globals and Register Globals Emulation OFF.

if Register Globals ON, please go to cpanel. Click "Subdomain Manager" - "Prefs" - Click "Create php.ini". please edit become register_globals=off. then Click button "Submit"

For Register Globals Emulation in order to ON, please edit file globals.php and change become

define( 'RG_EMULATION', 0 );

If all was green, Click Next >>

--- license ---
--- step 1 ---
  1. Enter Hostname with "localhost"
  2. MySQL User Name fill with User Database that you have created
  3. MySQL Password fill with password that you have created
  4. MySQL Database Name fill with Database Name that you have created
  5. MySQL Table Prefix "jos_"
  6. Click Next >>
  7. Click OK
Are you sure these settings are correct? Joomla! will now attempt to populate a Database with the settings you have supplied

If all was correct, continue on the next step.

--- step 2 ---
  1. Enter the Site name, for example : The Home of My Site
  2. Click Next >>

--- step 3 ---
  1. For URL "http://SITENAME"
  2. Path fill with your site path, for example : "/home/sloki/user/[UNIXUSER]/sites/SITENAME/www"
  3. Your E-mail "email@domain.com" fill this area with your true email
  4. Admin Password, You can fill with what do you want or default.
  5. Click Next >>

- step 4 -

  1. Remove instalation Folder
  2. Open through your web site browser, http://SITENAME



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