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Friday, December 26, 2008

7 ways for web SEO


First step is design a site with topic relating to things that was often was searched ( Top Seach). There is having kinds of equipment ( Keyword Suggestion Tool, Zeitgeist, for example) what can assist us to get this information. Of course, there is also other marketing strategy, for example, looks for small group of topic having page-per-clicks with competition that is a few. In that cases, ideally there are looks for topic with big market, but its(the small yard ratio. But unhappily, after multiple year, market would full of the topic, and looks for other topic with number of big markets and small yard ratio would very difficult and pass the time, non hour(clock or day, but week even month.


List of keyword paid ( High Paying Keywords) height earns easily found at internet. It is of course merges topic which many searched with keyword paid by height can yield odd mixture. For example, the existing search top is Britney Spear, while the existing highest HPK related ‘ mesothelioma ' and ‘ asbestor cancer'. So, besides if Britney Spear talks about meothelioma, very small possibility that both can be joined together with legal. But we can merge miscellaneous which more sensible. Its(the core was only by merging both the things this only ( HPK & Top Search), we have can get enough traffic to get earnings LEGAL from adsense.


Doesn't too much placing adsense, more than anything else place it is dominantly in our yard. Best is place one banner is upper, under title, and one “ skycrapper” on one sides, with content is middle.


One pages contains 2 or 3 advertisement, but advertisement can be placed more on page additional at our site, its(the example is on page “ about us”, testimonial, contact, etc).

very Ironic that there is many sellers making yard splash which long and it is of course without adsense compared to with making addition yard that is separate. By doing this thing, they sacrifice earning from adsense because yard splash very rare index by search engine and sometimes visitor feels annoyed, as some of other interesting with his(its, just because its(the existence. Comprehends this thing: adsense is a way to get for from out traffic, cinch there will be, as good any a the yard)).


Some people chooses to make adsense one by designing his/her page sometimes almost hidden at all. But this thing decrease the effectivity, with click visitor is more aware of existence of adsense. It is of course we visitor prefer to reside in our site, bought product etc, but in the fact, a lot are no. Isn't true better of we take advantage of their departure?


this Fitur there's only in some big adsense programm. If available, places it in underside of yard we offer easy way visitor to do seeking without having to go to search engine. It is of course many search engine and browser offering toolbar lessening this adsearch effectivity. But provides it means makes other way out profiting us, and seen as a service from we are create they also it is of course.


Some programs adsense provides advertisement block choice competitor too. However, not possible block to of all competitor, so, why doesn't take advantage of their advertisement? Remember.... they paying us.


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