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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to protect your email on the Internet

As you know, writing and sharing your email on the Internet is not safe and wise anymore. As a matter of fact, there are special bots and spiders (also known as email harvesters) which collect email addresses on the Internet with the primary goal of sending tons of spam. That’s why you can not write your email on blogs or social networks such as Skype, Twitter or Facebook. But then, how can you share (and at the same time protect) your email with the world and the people you care?

Scr.im is a nice, freeware website letting you share your email on public websites. As a matter of fact, Scr.im will let you convert your email address to a safe and short URL (for instance http://scr.im/joe). The way it works is like the world famous Tinyurl.com with the only different that in this case an email address is converted to something else, hard to recognize, with the main goal to not let spam bots identify the email itself! If you want to use Scr.in, visit http://scr.im (Warning! A lot of users are reporting that this site contains a malware file identified by Norton as Bloodhound.Exploit.196)


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