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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10 Mistakes of Local common SEO

Those new to local business SEO need to avoid the common pitfalls that are detrimental to websites.

1. Using incorrect headings. Give your article titles some serious consideration because they have a lot of relevance with SEO rankings.

2. Use the right keywords. If you are working on internet marketing for small business programs then you will want to make sure that you use keyword research to target the audience.

3. Get the basics covered. While it is important to think on a large level when you use internet marketing for small business entities, you do not want to do this so much that you forget your local area and lose focus on the neighborhoods in which your business is directly affected.

4. Only targeting a small area. While it is important to make sure that you pinpoint your target audience in the city or area where you are working, you do not want to totally forget about the possibility of including an outside area. Make sure that you work to extend your reach a little beyond your traditional base.

5. Spell everything correctly. You would not believe how many small businesses lose customers because their websites and articles contain spelling and grammar errors.

6. Neglecting the press releases. Be sure to put in a press release to the local sites so that they can link into your site successfully. Remember, press releases are important to the development of a small business website.

7. Build up relevant links that your customers can use. If you are trying to integrate a plan for internet marketing for small business programs into your site then you will want to make sure that you link your business into other links in the community that people visit and are likely to check in with so that you can bolster your local support.

8. Building it with flash. You do need some optimization, so you should not rely on a flash site because they can be hard to get ranked by a search engine.

9. Building a site that is SEO centric. While SEO can be important when you are looking at building up your website traffic, building your site so that it only attracts SEO can detract from its overall importance.

10. Do not use competitive based keyword combinations. Do not try to use the same keywords that other small businesses in your area are using to highlight their websites as this will create unnecessary competition. You can do this by using a slightly more specific phrase with your keyword embedded in it.


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